• DATATILE is exactly the tool for our client that we were looking for. We use DATATILE since 2015. With that tool we are able to provide up-to date figures to a broader audience on client side. DATATILE meets the client expectations (fast access to relevant data) and therefore we received very positive feedback from the client. Additionally we appreciate the continuous professional support provided by the DATATILE team in order to develop the tool further.

    Matthias Tobies

    Senior Research Executive at Ipsos Germany
  • Synovate Comcon

    I feel a lot of professional satisfaction while analyzing research data by my own hands, quickly and intuitively finding insights. I like to be independent, to be able to work without asking professional data processing specialists to help.

    Elena Koneva

    Managing Director
    Synovate Comcon
  • It is with pleasure that I endorse the DATATILE team. They have done a great job in helping to build a custom portal for us, with great functionality for a media optimizer.
    The team was responsive, helpful, and pleasant to work with. I would use them again for a future need.

    John Hallward

    Director of Global Product Development, Ipsos ASI
  • World Poll - is the largest-scaled study in the world - big data with huge geographical coverage.
    I used this great interactive presentation portal made by DATATILE team to demonstrate the migration potential of 165 countries that are included in our study.

    Neli Esipova

    Director of Research, Global Migration and Regional Director, Eastern European and former Soviet Union countries,
    Gallup World Poll


  • Customized Solutions

    Any user interface can be built on top of DATATILE platform to customize your research data usability.  We can deliver you a tailored branded web-based application which your customers will appreciate. 

  • Report Automation

    Save on your research resources, increase your quality and shorten your delivery time by using our fully automated report generation system for your trackers and syndicated surveys.

  • Integration

    Enrich your Business Intelligence system with market research data. Smooth integration of DATATILE with your internal systems gives you tremendous opportunities for further analysis and usage of your data.



Weighted/unweighted calculations of percentage, sample, base, affinity, share, volume, average etc.
Statistical tests and indication of "significance".
Support for probabilistic variables.

Data export

All graphics, charts, dashboards can easily be exported to Excel and PowerPoint.

Logical expressions

User-defined features based on logical expressions.

Text Refiner for open-ended questions

Intellectual text refiner helps to clean and code answers for open-ended questions. Automates coding with reusable dictionaries.


User-friendly interface and tools allow easily to work with data of any complexity.

Adaptive usage complexity

Complexity of the interface can be configured on project level. You can hide unnecessary controls and functionality from users who will be working with the project.

Trackers and syndicated studies

Reload or append existing data while keeping all project settings and dashboards available. All changes are applied in a real time.

DP workflow reduction

Allows users to produce their own tabular data reducing the number of steps in data processing.


DATATILE enables you to easily handle small projects, big multicountry studies or retail data with the same tools and at the same speed. DATATILE hosts projects with tens of thousands variables and tens of millions records.


Distributed computations and storage provide corporate level of stability as well as ability to manage unlimited number of projects.


Invite colleagues and clients to your projects. Share dashboards and deliver reports online.

Security and data isolation

Granular configuration of access based on user privileges, projects, dashboards and even particular variables and features within raw data.

Clients & Projects

  • Image 1

    emma is Australia’s new cross-platform audience insights survey. emma’s methodology is world-leading, surveying 54,000 people a year, seven days a week using sophisticated survey techniques.

    Enhanced Media Metrics Australia
  • Image 2 MediaTIPs

    MediaTIPs is about “media consumer research”. It's a unique solution designed to help brands allocate their budgets across a wide range of touchpoints. It adds a new dimension to communications planning, in addition to ad pre-testing and in-market tracking of brand health and advertising evaluation.

    Ipsos In-Market Solutions
  • Image 3

    One of the leading Market Research Agencies in Russia uses DATATILE for the integration of research, statistical and retail audit data as well as for visualization on dashboards.

    Synovate Comcon


DATATILE software development team focuses on the market research industry. We help our clients to enhance research capabilities from data processing to insightful delivery. DATATILE makes data exploration and analysis totally exciting by offering a one-stop shop solution that is reliable, user-friendly and fast.

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