Are dashboards all the same?

Business Intelligence solutions have no intelligence when it comes to market research analysis

What does 'dashboard' mean to you? Probably charts and figures to show data in a visual style. Their use became widespread to present KPI results such as sales data by store, region and product line.

A Business Intelligence dashboard is built on standardized data supported by extensive and often expensive data crunching and scripting using developers and data engineers. It tends to be rigid and cumbersome.  But is a Business Intelligence dashboard the default choice for all situations? The need for market researchers to analyze and visualize survey data goes beyond the typical abilities of business intelligence software.

Enter Research Intelligence interactive dashboards by DataTile, built to cope with highly variable custom market research and tracking data of any size. Eliminates the fragile ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) pipelines to hand over data to business decision makers. Total flexibility to deep dive into consumer behaviors, deliver immediate visual knowledge and power fast decision making.

One interactive dashboard replaces hundreds of PowerPoint slides. Capitalize on market knowledge by bringing various sources of research information together for context, and to empower business decision making. Anchored to a single source of truth – the data – with zero errors. New waves update seamlessly. 

Gain huge time savings and eliminate programming through end to end automation: DataTile does it for you.

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