Why market research data analytics must be reinvented

Avoid nightmare situations by reinventing market research data analytics

Companies face erosion of their bottom line with high inflation, whilst suffering from a severe shortage of skilled data analysts who are supposed to keep them in touch with rapid shifts in markets. How can efficiencies be gained, and timely reports produced? It’s a high priority issue because traditional research data analytics tend to be rigid and cumbersome, eating precious time with extensive and often expensive programming.

There aren’t enough developers and data engineers to go around, so why burden the scarcest skilled resource with the most tedious, time consuming work? That’s part of the reason for low staff retention and increasing wage costs which add to inflation woes.

A typical case: one world leader in lifestyle products finds it an uphill struggle to hire and retain a head of data analytics to lead the team working with a proverbial zoo of systems and business intelligence platforms. A nightmare scenario that isn’t likely to change unless the whole approach to data analytics is changed.

Save time and address talent gaps 

Since the fiercest area of competition for talent is data analysts, this scarce resource must be reserved for high added-value work. The talent gap can only be bridged by automating every possible manual procedure in data analytics, and to ensure costs are brought back under control. The imperative is on reinvention, now.

DataTile saves time and bridges the talent gaps with no-code end-to-end intelligent automation. Loading research data to reporting is in hours, not weeks - resulting in dramatically improved speed to decision making. All the time-consuming manual work in traditional market research processes is eliminated. Results are anchored back to the raw data and are error-free. There’s no need to program and manually dig data from tables to create reports - all saving substantial time and money. 

It’s built to cope with highly variable custom research and tracking data of any size. Total flexibility to deep dive into consumer behaviors, deliver immediate visual knowledge and power fast decision making.

One interactive dashboard replaces hundreds of PowerPoint slides. Capitalize on market knowledge by bringing various sources of research information together for context, and to empower business decision making. Anchored to a single source of truth – the data – with zero errors. New waves update seamlessly. 

We have reinvented the whole approach to data analytics in a profound way.

DataTile Research Intelligence does it for you!

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