DataTile transforms researchers into knowledge workers!

Our automated, lightning-fast platform removes all the pain points of traditional research

What's an insight, anyway?

Data loading, collaboration & management

Automated data processing, write-ins, cleaning and coding functionality reduces conventional delivery times by up to 60%. Granular access management that’s easy yet secure facilitates collaboration and engages the audience.

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Cross-tabs and data analysis

Everything you need to intuitively analyze survey data with no scripting required. Numerous statistics and significance tests and more are available through a user-friendly browser interface

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Interactive charts

Any calculation can be depicted on a chart with just the click of a mouse. Our extensive visual library contains numerous representations to vividly communicate your story with all the necessary nuances, indicators, warnings and legends.

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Dashboards on steroids

Embedded research intelligence eliminates the usual integration nightmares of conventional BI systems. Effortlessly gather your insights on our interactive dashboards, then create interactive functionalities without any coding. Stop worrying about data consistency and validity issues as DataTile does it for you.

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Tracking & trending

DataTile intelligently matches and integrates your data across waves and databases. As new waves arrive, dashboards, charts and other delivery systems are seamlessly updated with zero errors.

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Syndicated Studies

DataTile provides the framework to manage multi-tenant syndicated databases, reports and dashboards. It both eliminates operational overheads and simplifies the sale of syndicated surveys and subscription-based data products.

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