What’s an insight, anyway?

In the land of consumer marketing, finding genuine insights takes skill and effort but the reward is well worthwhile

In the land of consumer marketing, finding genuine insights takes skill and effort but the reward is well worthwhile. Understanding opinions, behaviours and needs can crystallise into insights. You’ll need research data to define issues, look at trends and add context. With such fast changes in consumer behaviour happening, time is precious.

Data isn’t an insight. A shift of X% in sales or market share isn’t an insight. Ask “Why? Why? Why?” as often as you need to find out what is going on under the surface.

What does an insight look like? First, it’s unique and previously undiscovered - or so you hope. It will probably identify a latent need that a consumer hadn’t even realised they wanted, or a pain point that can be solved. It’s likely to empower, create gratification, and maybe delight. Emotional and rational triggers can change purchasing and behaviours significantly once the insight is addressed and the solution brought to market.

Importantly, an insight will feel perfectly obvious once found - “Wow, why didn’t we think of that before?” But that’s much better than reacting to the competitor finding it first. 

Changing the data to insight process in a profound way

DataTile is changing how our clients interpret data in a profound way. Our Research Intelligence platform delivers visual knowledge as a highly efficient way to ask that “Why?” question. It’s easy to put multiple sources of data side-by-side on a single screen for context. Quickly use interactive dashboards to dig into what’s changing, where and how. 

Designed for how our brains function, DataTile frees up researchers to become knowledge workers to collaborate across their organisation, prise out insights and get actionable marketing decisions for business success. Clients enjoy using our software.

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