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Effortlessly analyze data, unveil growth opportunities, and collaborate through intuitive survey dashboards and automated reports for future-focused strategies.

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Create custom crosstabs with powerful statistical analysis capabilities

With one click, DataTile's crosstabs provide efficient data analytics, revealing research trends and audience insights without spending days in SPSS or Excel.

The platform's math functions and statistical metrics help develop the right strategy at the right time.

  • Comprehensive crosstabs
  • Significance tests
  • Correspondence analysis
  • Cluster analysis and segmentation
  • Topline reports
  • Exports to PPTX, XLSX, and PDF, web embedding

Easily share key insights with interactive dashboards

Effortlessly create a DataTile dashboard for instant, crucial answers with customizable research analytics, charting, and visualizations that bring goals to life through essential graphics.

  • Fast creation and complete data integration with easy updates
  • AI-assisted inferences, report automation, and PowerPoint generation
  • Focused updates for improved tracking
  • Significance test indicators
  • Suite of data visualisation options

Automate your research for deeper data reflections

With DataTile, you can easily navigate through the intricacies of data processing and analysis.

Smart data tracking helps you find all the answers to any audience question—no more complexities of traditional data analysis tools.

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Connect and collaborate to create new data narratives

DataTile facilitates data as a single source of truth across your team, clients and suppliers.

  • Access easy data management and collaboration
  • Orchestrate comprehensive supplier or audience research
  • Distribute syndicated databases without operational burden
  • Maximise a variety of industrial and common data formats

Effortless integration into your team’s workflow

DataTile seamlessly enhances your team's existing technology, serving as a smart data source and a crucial addition for improved data handling, completing your in-depth project understanding.

Embed DataTile dashboards or individual charts as white-label solutions into your CRM, ERP, and other internal systems.

Blend external apps and microservices into DataTile dashboards to create a flawless user experience.

Reliable security

DataTile is customly designed to cater to your requirements with robust security and compliance features. We supply advanced data protection with a raft of security measures, including:

  • Complete isolation of B2B clients during runtime, maintenance, and backup infrastructure.
  • Data belonging to different user accounts is kept separate and inaccessible to other users
  • Excellent visibility of user activity, usage, and monitoring, along with granular data management access.

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