Self Analytics Solution

Simplifies data processing and analysis, reducing time for valuable insights

What our clients need

Simple DIY analysis or self-service studies in addition to large tracking studies for getting quick and useful insights by an in-house team.

What DataTile can offer

DataTile provides the DIY solution that simplifies the processing and analysis of data, ultimately reducing the time typically spent providing stakeholders and decision-makers with useful insights.


a database in any supported format to DataTile

Make crosstabs

with all requirements – simple or statistical significant comparison, residuals, heatmap, mathematical or logical expressions, etc.


the results to Excel, images, and presentations


easily with colleagues and stakeholders

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DataTile solution is perfect for

Quick testing of product features and market niche ideas

When developing new products or features, companies require quick feedback from potential customers. Rapid quantitative studies can help to understand user preferences, needs, and pain points, providing quick and actionable insights.

More precise analysis

While working with studies' results you need to do a quick check of some hypotheses related to different audiences/groups/criteria. DataTile allows you to get insights on the go, you can filter the new target audience, change the required metrics or period right in the process of discussion with the customer.

Risk assessment and iterative studies

Risk assessment is necessary before entering a new market or launching a new product, the same applies even to a new product idea. Quantitative research can provide general insights and help to develop strategies.

Tailored solution for diverse industry needs

DataTile is ideally positioned to meet this challenge across a wide range of industries – from local research agencies to multinational corporations and media owners. We deliver the optimal solution for small teams with insufficient staff resources, as well as for large companies with a huge number of business lines and an overloaded research department.


Less than an hour from data uploading to getting first valuable insights without involving Data Engineers or BI analytics.


In data preparation and reporting formats. Just load one of the supported files (sav/zsav, xlsx or csv) and start working.


Various departments (marketing, product development, sales) access research results from a single, version conflict-proofed point, facilitating seamless data sharing and referencing figures in business routines.

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