Turn-key Reporting Implementation

We help your teams to create complex analytical and data visualization projects

Dashboards are essential

  • When previous results are available as several separate documents, tables, or presentations and you have no idea how and where the indices were calculated
  • When you become weary of rigid business intelligence tools and sluggish visualization solutions
  • When it takes a lot of time and a highly skilled team of analysts to extract and present insights from the data
  • When you need to make numerous slightly varied presentations with the same structure

DataTile provides a reliable, flexible and easy-to-deploy tool for market research results delivery. However, sometimes our clients don’t have the time or resources to deep dive into data preparation and technical nuances of specific dashboard creation and setup.

Implementation can be taken care of

DataTile offers a team of highly experienced professionals with extensive expertise in data analysis, research, and UI/UX. Our team can take care of implementation - from your datasets to you having rich and impactful dashboards in production for lightning fast insights.

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Basic implementation steps

Initial project setup
Data analysis, preparation and loading into DataTile platform
Design and deployment of more efficient underlying data structures and datasets for further enhanced analytics
Dashboard mockups
Dashboards in production

You get ready-to-use...

  • Dashboards for combining data from various sources
  • Dashboards for visualizing data in a user-friendly manner
  • Dashboards for sharing the results with stakeholders
  • Dashboards for skipping the routine and focusing on key survey results

... and advanced DataTile platform capabilities allowing to ...

  • Effortlessly transfer data between providers, preserving backups, and seamlessly integrate multiple data sources without the need for time-consuming manual matching.
  • Quickly integrate new data, compare it with existing information, and share it to stakeholders based on their access levels.
  • Load data into Excel and PowerPoint seamlessly, with no extra customization, including for batches of similar presentations using a common template with our Report Generator.

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