Digital Analytics Platform

Created by researchers for researchers

Smart DataTile system with automation and market research industry-specific functionality saves time for researchers and money for customers. We automate and optimize every stage of your work.

  • No programming skills required
  • Teamwork in the cloud or on-premises, role management
  • Full automation of data processing, metrics and reporting
  • Flexible pricing and individual support
  • Exports to PPTX, XLSX, and PDF, web embedding
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Data Processing

  • Centralized repository of research results
  • Automated processing and access control, anchored  back to the raw data
  • Simple web interface which does not require training or special skills


  • Interactive dashboards
  • Automation of reporting, uploading to Excel, PowerPoint
  • Flexible configuration to meet rapidly changing market decision-making


  • Intelligent, automated support of research tracking surveys
  • Syndicated business management capabilities
  • DIY analysis
  • Create norms and integrate data from various studies for context
  • Dynamic visualizations and charts, no manual data update needed

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Many formats & data types

Support for any data types and specific calculations on a wide variety of configurations:

  • Survey data
  • Retail audit
  • Advertising and contact details
  • Aggregated business data

Real-time processing of centrally stored data

  • Always available and ready for data analysis, updated reports, and easy-to-understand visualizations
  • Reduces the human error factor – transparency and automatization of calculations allows you to track each figure directly from the report back to the raw data
  • Powerful data processing capabilities available out of the box replace SPSS and a staff of engineers
  • Easily control user-access rights based on variables, categories and individual records
  • Manage availability of specific functionality and the nuances of statistical calculations for the end users

Simple management of tracking studies

  • Reports and dashboards created for the first wave of a tracking study are automatically reproduced on subsequent ones, fast updating
  • The correctness of the new waves' data loading is ensured by verifying the consistency of the data structure
  • Automatic trending
  • Rich visualization of data changes. All affected reports and dashboards are clearly marked

Dashboards on steroids

  • The most customizable & friendly research dashboards available out of the box
  • Does not require programming & special training
  • You can create by yourself or order a turnkey solution from the DataTile team
  • Flexible hierarchical access settings allow you to define data access and controls depending on the user group
  • Ability to publish on the web and embed in external pages on the web, such as press releases and blogs. PDF, Excel & PowerPoint reports.

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