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DataTile streamlines research productivity, empowering your organization with precision-calibrated data for optimal decision-making.

DataTile’s story

Founded in 2012 by mathematician and entrepreneur Alex Chilingaryan, DataTile has evolved from a selection of data experts into a data platform that covers the complete lifecycle of survey data processing.

Our journey was driven by our clients' needs in a rapidly changing data landscape. Along the way, we’ve moved from pure analytics to user-friendly solutions, creating some of the best dashboard control systems around.

We faced an exciting new challenge when we entered the Chinese market: new languages, new user behavior, new database requirements. However, DataTile’s nimble attitude toward change enabled us to effectively manage this move and has proven that we are a reliable, trusted partner for clients across the globe.

Who we are

We are a team dedicated to our customers’ success, none more so than in our customer services. A while back, we realized that it was time to strengthen our smart service team by transforming from a software vendor to a full-service delivery company.

The impact of this change has been huge. Not only are we now much more agile and proactive, but we have also completely changed our mindset and ways of working. We like to listen, collaborate, and respond effectively and efficiently to our customers’ needs.

What we offer

Smart DataTile platform with automation, industry-specific functionality and service that saves time for researchers and money for customers

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DataTile was founded


Visualizing functionality transformed DataTile from the pure analytical and crosstab tool to a complex dashboarding solution


Expansion to Chinese market proved that DataTile is a scalable global player


A service team creation changed DataTile from a pure software vendor to a full cycle company


Powerpoint report generator was added

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Why do people buy DataTile? When they try to process their survey results in popular BI tools, they fail, and then they turn to DataTile for the solution that works.

– German Safronov, head of UX research Uzum Trezor

Meet the DataTile team

Alex Chilingaryan

A mathematician, technical visionary, and social research entrepreneur, Alex relishes building world-class systems to change the way we work for the better.

With 20 years of hands-on experience in software development for scientific applications, data analysis, and integration, Alex also brings DataTile many years of experience in market research innovation and automation, and solutions that can revolutionize your business.

Alex Maddox
Senior Partner

One of the UK's top research professionals and a smart analytics champion, Alex brings a wealth of exceptional experience to the DataTile team.

Alex has also been a Global Client Service Director and Managing Director for Telmar UK, focusing on developing enhanced creative analysis and improving client satisfaction levels.

Steve Garton
Senior Partner

Steve is a renowned innovator in world-first projects. With dynamic positions as the Global Head of Media at Synavate and Board Director of Media and IT at ACNielsen, Steve has delivered transformative change across organizations.

Steve has also pioneered global-first surveys on a wide range of topics, including climate change.

Valentin Sokolovsky
Business Development Director

Talented sales and marketing professional with extensive experience in the analytical and research sphere.

9  years as a retail director in one of the local ACNielsen offices, and massive experience as an independent consulter in Business Intelligence, marketing, and research.

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