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Long before the name DataTile was conceived, data science was our speciality, data our passion.

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DataTile is a team of talented engineers, software developers and data scientists who have worked for decades in market research – all the time enduring the painful limitations of existing research tools.

Created for researchers by researchers, DataTile guides data from the field to decision-makers on the client-side, while removing all the traditional pain points. Finally, a single platform that streamlines workflow from raw data through to interactive dashboards, automating reports and feeding BI systems.

Founded by Alex Chilingaryan in 2012 as a service provider, DataTile recognized that the industry was ready for a holistic platform which eliminates cumbersome data management and error-prone manual reporting. Freed from this burden, skilled researchers can focus on the important work – generating the insights that inform successful business decisions.

The DataTile Leadership Team
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Alex Chilingaryan

Mathematician and entrepreneur in the world of social researchers. Technical visionary who relishes building world-class systems to change the way we work.

20 years of hands on experience of software development for scientific applications, data analysis and integration.

10 years of experience in market research innovation and automation to kill pain points and improve quality of life for the industry.

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Alex Maddox
Senior Partner

One of the UK’s top research professionals, smart analytics champion.

Global Client Service Director, Telmar.

Managing Director, Telmar UK focused on creative analysis and client satisfaction.

MRG Education Officer.

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Steve Garton
Senior Partner

World-first projects innovator.

Global Head of Media, Synovate.

Board Director, Media and IT, ACNielsen.

Global first surveys for the internet, affluent consumers and climate change.

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