Streamlining the Analysis of Hundreds of Ad Tests

The synergy for the Client's needs: DataTile—Fastuna collaboration

Project background

Managing ad tests across various markets and products can be overwhelming. Traditional methods, like PowerPoints or Crosstabs, work for smaller projects. While handling several hundreds of creative materials requires a research automation tool to navigate this journey efficiently. Fastuna, an online platform, offers comprehensive testing tools for creative materials, and DataTile revolutionises data analysis for marketers and researchers.

Key objective

Create a central data hub to streamline the analysis of test results, incorporating additional data sets for a comprehensive view of marketing efforts.


Fastuna addressed us on behalf of their client – a large technological corporation which operates as an umbrella brand in different market segments (Taxi, food delivery services, media services). Their marketing efforts include idea validations, followed by data analytics activities, resulting in making data-driven decisions and enhancing their brand performance.

Their team was faced with analyzing results from a thousand materials tested through 9 distinct types of testing with the Fastuna platform. They needed a centralized data repository enriched with additional client-specific information, such as TRPs, advertisement costs etc.


Project Outline and Solution - Streamlining Data analysis

Data preparation and validation

DataTile data processing tools were used to clean up the files, recode the materials' naming. Additionally the codebook was composed to ensure the correct choice of variables’ names and types. Received data was loaded into the targeted DataTile databases and linked to other sources of information.

Data representation

DataTile created nine dashboards linked to proper business streams as well as to the multimedia.

Data accessibility

The team developed a portal, where the client can share all the necessary data in one click or set up the access groups according to their security policy.

We’re happy with our collaboration with DataTile. Our strategic client was able to achieve greater flexibility and has significantly improved the speed of obtaining operational data. Moreover, it streamlined access to research data for final users and as a result accelerated their business-decision making process. On our side, this collaboration enabled us to relieve ourmanagers from routine tasks and increase customer loyalty

– Rimantas Reimontas, Managing Director at Fastuna EU

Business Impact

Customer loyalty

By minimizing the routine, focusing on strategic tasks and leaving the technical challenges of handling the tested data to DataTile, Fastuna bolstered their client’s loyalty.

Improved workability

Research automation positively impacts the performance of analysts and product owners, as it frees their time and speeds up their decision-making process.


Collaboration with DataTIle and Fastuna ensured quick and responsible management of large data streams, which created a solid foundation for conducting more extensive research in the future.

This cooperation provided the client with a comprehensive and reliable solution, which facilitated their smooth and confident product launch. With the Fastuna platform the client was able to test their creative materials and with DataTile they obtained automated results delivery and the visual representation of the tested data within the plausible amount of time. Thousands of materials are now accessible in a single repository, the client can swiftly compare data from various sources and share new data with end-users.


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