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Brand Health Tracking

BHT dashboard is a research model used to assess the effectiveness, perception and overall health of a brand in the market. It’s possible to customize it for different questionnaire structures – the solution can be adapted for various industries from pharma to telecommunications.

BHT dashboard includes a range of key brand metrics, including but not limited to:

Brand Awareness. The level of brand recognition among the target audience.
Brand Perception. How consumers perceive the brand in terms of attributes, quality, and trustworthiness.
Brand Loyalty. The degree of customer loyalty and advocacy towards the brand.
Purchase Intent. The likelihood of consumers choosing the brand over competitors.
Brand Equity. The overall value of the brand in the minds of consumers and its impact on business performance.
Shopper Profile. Split on gender, income etc.

In some industries the Brand Health measurement is closely linked to Advertising visibility evaluation. This page shows how brand's advertising activities perform, what are the most effective channels of communication. Also you can visualize the Ad emotional perception

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