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When it comes to employee surveys, the main goal is to provide users, who are often time-constrained and not inclined to explore new tools in depth, with both a comprehensive snapshot and accessible analytics.

In this HR Tracking, especially those aimed at measuring employee satisfaction and employee evaluations (eNPS), there is a need to be more precise about what, how and from whom to ask. More attention must be paid to protecting confidentiality in order to shield employees with "wrong opinion" from potential administrative pressures.

By tackling this issue in DataTile we can easily set up the minimum group size for which the data is displayed.

This is even more important for huge international companies, where you need to cope also with multilanguage surveys and databases. The main goal is to provide both a general overview and detailed analytics easily and understandably to the final users, who have no time and desire to deep dive into the new tool. This is the way we solved the task for the building materials manufacturer.

Our typical eNPS/eCSI dashboard for these surveys contains the following tabs:

KPI page (or C-suite page), where the main KPIs and their changes are displayed;
The statistics tab, where you can see the employee turnover and compare the figures with your key indicator;
The detailed tab, where you cancompare the detailed results across departments.

Here you can explore the dynamic design of the dashboard created by our team for HR Tracking. Utilizing the controls on the left, you can manage the data, filtering its display in various ways.

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