Transformed Employee Satisfaction Analysis

A Game-Changer for HR team

Key objective

The primary mission of a regional division HR department is to monitor employee progress and activities, including satisfaction metrics.

Before adopting DataTile, employees used a global platform which had notable limitations on filters. This system also had restricted capabilities for forming groups and reports, with predefined conditions for tracked indices sets.

Report generation was also a challenging task due to the platform's lack of localization; as a result, presentations often combined local and English phrases. In addition, corrections and amendments consumed a considerable amount of time and resources.


The regional division is part of a prominent international corporation. It specializes in the production and sale of construction materials and is a leader in cutting-edge solutions for construction and industry.

They conduct annual staff surveys to explore workforce engagement. Post-survey, result analysis is completed to create over 100 individual departmental presentations illustrating the research findings.


The DataTile solution

To solve these problems and improve the efficiency of reporting employee satisfaction metrics, the company implemented the DataTile platform. The DataTile team swiftly immersed themselves in this new business sector, adapting to the company's specific requirements and acquiring requisite terminology and information about operational processes. This helped to create the perfect solution that achieved all of Client's goals.

One of DataTile’s key features is the ability to process, structure, and store large volumes of data from SPSS files. This significantly simplifies and speeds up data processing for research.

Additionally, there is an intuitive presentation export function. This empowers company HR specialists to swiftly generate visually appealing and well-organized presentations, leveraging processed data within a predefined template.


With DataTile, Client’s HR team not only found a versatile solution for analyzing and processing information but also significantly reduced data processing time.

It has been a game-changer for strategic planning and effective personnel management. Our ongoing two-year collaboration showcases the transformative power of technology in fostering company growth. Plus, it ensures reassuringly efficient and precise resource management.

DataTile Implementation Business Impact

Enhanced efficiency

Reduces data processing time. Presentation export to PowerPoint now takes less than 10 minutes, regardless of parameters and filters.

Accuracy and instant data availability

Automated analysis and presentation of data both ensure high accuracy and clarity of information. Once all databases are loaded into the platform, they are stored in one place and available for use and comparison at any time.


The flexibility and adaptability of the DataTile team allow for rapid customization, adding new metrics and calculations according to each company’s requirements.

Comparison and flexibility

Long-term monitoring and change analysis are important for decision-making. The platform's capabilities easily fulfill this role. DataTile’s nimble functionality enables the combination or segmentation of variables through logical operations, providing complete flexibility in data management. This ensures accurate indices, such as eNPS, even with changes in measurement methodology or structural changes within the company.

User-friendly interface and user support

The platform is easy and convenient to use, even when implementing complex data operations. This allows for quick result access. A collaboration with DataTile includes proactive and effective platform training.


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