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Transforming how Global Media & Entertainment shares the results of its bespoke and tracking surveys


Global conducts hundreds of research projects every year. Living in a turbulent, fast-paced world, it is more important than ever to ensure a full understanding of audiences, clients’ brands and the relationship between them.

Global regularly needs to share the results of media surveys with various stakeholders. This involves creating presentations that demonstrate the size and value of their audiences, quickly and efficiently.

Compiling these results, then creating presentations for various audiences, is extremely labour-intensive and consumes countless hours of valuable analyst time.


UK company, Global (Global Media & Entertainment Ltd) is one of Europe’s foremost media and entertainment groups.

It is Europe’s largest radio company with market-leading media brands including Capital, Heart and Classic FM. And one of the leading Outdoor companies in both the UK & Europe reaching over 235,000 sites.

DAX is also the market leader in programmatic audio and outdoor advertising, connecting advertisers with an audience of more than 130 million people worldwide listening to music streaming services, digital radio and podcasts.

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Project  Solution

DataTile’s intelligent platform is perfect for large-scale surveys and for rapidly analyzing large volumes of survey data. Data loading is fully automated, and the system can automatically update dashboards as new waves of data are loaded.

Data can be viewed in dashboards where multiple data sources can be layered to provide the full context. Stunning data visualizations can be instantly output to any major format.

DataTile is a revolution in the research industry. They’ve thought of everything to make life simpler and easier for a researcher to analyse and visualise by eliminating the heavy lifting and giving back time that can be spent getting the insights out of data. DataTile has allowed us to deal with a huge increase in internal and advertiser requests in a timely manner and the exports require no extra work.
In today’s fast paced and constantly changing world, it’s absolutely vital that media owners put more effort into understanding people and behaviour to connect with them authentically and with empathy. Agility is key for us. Being able to collect and analyse consumer feedback ensures that we always have our finger on the pulse and DataTile helps us do this. We can now analyse and present our data with speed and ease, often within hours of fieldwork closing.

– Sarah Gale, Director of Research & Insight


The transition from manual workflow to an automated solution significantly enhanced both the reliability of data and the speed of data processing, leaving a lasting impression.


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